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Terms & Conditions Generator (Explained)

The legal contract between the user of a site and its owner is called as Terms and Conditions Agreement. It is also known as Terms of Service as it describes how the site will serve the user and how it will fulfill the needs of a particular user whenever he/she visits that particular website/app.

Every site has its own Terms of service depending upon the business or commercial lookout of it. If you are the owner of a site then it is recommended to include Terms and Conditions into your website page. It is for your own protection too.

If you have a website / app, then we are here to provide you with free terms and conditions generator. You have to Fill in the blank fields below and we will generate personalized terms and conditions just for you and your business.

Is the terms & conditions generator free to use?

Yes! You can use our terms and conditions generator to create terms & conditions page for your blogs, sites, apps, and Facebook pages/applications without any worry. You are free to use our free terms and conditions generator tool to generate terms page and post it to your site/blog free of cost.

Are terms and conditions required by law?

They are not mandatory by law point of view but it is highly recommended to include Terms and Conditions to help minimize legal liability and protect your content amongst other things.

Are terms and conditions the same as a privacy policy?

No, albeit they are similar as they both are legal agreements between the website and user but a Terms and Conditions Agreement is not the same as a Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy tells the users how you collect, use, modify data after collecting data from your users and where this data is stored. While the Terms and Conditions Agreement helps to protect your business.

Where do I put my terms and conditions?

Usually, you can find terms policies in the footer area of a website. But we recommend you to place your terms and conditions page in easy to find locations on your website.