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In privacy policy, the site owners disclose the information to the users that what kind of data they collect and save from the users, while users browse their site. This is the legal document which specifies how data is collected, managed, and used. Site owners also elaborate that where they use the data of the visitors.

The major objective of a privacy policy is to inform users about collection, manipulation, and usage of data.

Is the privacy policy generator free to use?

Yes! You can use our privacy policy generator to create privacy policy for your blogs, sites, apps, and Facebook pages/applications without any worry. You are free to use our free privacy policy generator tool and post it to your site/blog free of cost.

Why is a privacy policy important?

Whatever the mode of collection of data or information may be, a privacy policy is required by law. If you collect data from users, either directly or indirectly, you will have to provide privacy policy on your site. If you prefer using Google Analytics tool, then you need to post privacy policy on your blog/site or app.

Where do I put my privacy policy?

Usually, you can find privacy policies in the footer area of a website. But we recommend you to place your privacy policy page in easy to find locations on your website.

What should the privacy policy include?

What are the key components of a standard privacy policy? A standard privacy policy should include the following components:

What data is collected from the users?

What is the mode of collection of data?

What is the motive or purpose behind collecting the data?

Where this data will be used?

How you are going to use this data?

Can i copy someone else’s privacy policy?

Privacy policies are copyright-protected legal documents. Your motives of collecting data and using it might be different so it is not recommended that you copy someone else’s privacy policy. You can use our online privacy policy generator tool that will help you lot in this regard.

There are different privacy acts and even different countries have different privacy act provisions. So, one can get in trouble while copying someone else’s privacy policy. But we are here to protect yourself by generating a free privacy policy.

Our online privacy policy generator tool is the right tool that can help your business to comply with the laws. You can seek our help to protect your business, yourself and your customers. There are many cases where some people try and sometimes succeed in extorting money from you while taking false advantage of you if you are not using the right tool/way to generate your privacy policy.

We are providing you here with the names of different privacy policy acts:

California Consumer Privacy Act

California Online Privacy Protection Act

General Data Protection Regulation

Online Privacy Protection Act

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

Australia’s Privacy Act

You will need our guidance in generating well-defined privacy policy for your website. Fill in the blank spaces below and we will generate a personalized policy for your site/app.

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Important note when filling in this Privacy Policy generator: Use this privacy policy at your own risk because accuracy of the generated Privacy Policy on this website is not legally binding. Not all parts of this Privacy Policy might be applicable to your business. You can remove those parts that are irrelevant to your app/site.