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Keyword Data Tool (Explained)

Keyword data tool by ToolsPrince is a best option for you to get the volume, cpc, competition and past 12 months trend of a keyword in one place.

Is keyword data tool free?

Yes, our tool is 100% free, safe and worthy to use and you don’t need to signup for an account.

Does this tool gives the exact data?

Well, this question is difficult to answer because tools are just used to get an idea that how much average volume a keyword is having per month. Even the famous and paid keyword research tools are unable to give the exact data.

Our keyword data tool gives you near to exact monthly search volume, cpc, competition and past 12 months trend for free.

How our keyword data tool works?

There is no rocket science, everything is simple and easy!

After doing a keyword research by using our free keyword research tool, select your desired keyword and follow the steps below:

Enter your keyword in the search bar, Select the country, after selecting the country hit the Check Data button.

Why use keyword data tool by ToolsPrince?

Because our tool has various qualities and functionalities. It is 100% free, Clean interface, No registration required, Fast response and Near to exact data!